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Biotin 5000 mcg

Science defined Biotin as a water-soluble supplement also known as Vitamin B7 or H. This nutrient is responsible on providing people with healthy hair and strong nail appearance. Biotin plays no role in the liver, brain, muscles and heart but paves way on keeping the skin glowing and healthy while boosting energy into the body by helping the metabolism of cells to metabolize the food we eat.

Biotin may bring no toxicity in the body and is seen important in the production of gluconeogenesis and fatty acid synthesis. People who are diagnosed with Vitamin B7 deficiency may suffer from flaking skin, hair loss, dryness of hair, brittle nails, fungal infections, premature graying, mild depression, baldness and some appearance of rashes in the mouth or nose.

Cereals, legumes, egg, sardines, nut and liver are foods rich in Biotin but people who are engage in hectic schedule may miss eating healthy food which results to weakening of immune system and unwanted deficiency syndrome. People taking antibiotic longer or those fond of eating refined or preserved foods and alcoholic or epileptic people are found to have low amount of Biotin in the body. Thus, taking Biotin 5000 mcg supplement to replace the nutrient loss may resolve the dilemma.

Stores are selling Biotin in a bottle at different specifications. People may get confuse of the difference of micrograms of Biotin. To let consumers fully understand, Biotin 5000 mcg means that in every tablet there are 5000 micrograms or 5 mg of Biotin present and so goes on with other micrograms in a bottle such as Biotin 1000 mcg contains only 1000 of Biotin. According to the study made by, the 5000 mcg shows an equivalent of nutritional value by up to 1667% which is more effective in keeping our energy at high level while giving us beautiful hair and stronger nails.

Biotin is a chemical compound that assists other enzymes in the body for a well-balance metabolism and reaction of other elements in the body. Biotin is needed by people who undergo chemotherapy or after birth to help the growth of hair and nails. Proper intake of Vitamin B7 is also seen helpful for diabetic people, infants suffering from seborrheic dermatitis, acne and eczema.

Taking Biotin vitamin is as easy as swallowing the pill in a minute and consuming a supplement in proper dosage is much important to achieve the daily required value and prevent some deficient effects. Biotin is available in 1000mcg, 2500 mcg, 5000 mcg per bottle or 10000 mcg per bottle. Dosage of Biotin depends on age and as prescribed by physicians. Just like, infants from birth to 3 years old can take 10 to 20 micrograms of Biotin while 4-6 years old can have 25 mcg. Those at 7-10 years old can take 30 mcg and adolescents, adults including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can take 30 to 100 mcg.

Biotin vitamin is best found in a brand of NOW, Spring Valley, Natrol and Nature's Bounty. These products are formulated to have the best source of Biotin to supply our daily needs. In fact, people can buy Biotin at any leading drugstores or can have the bottle ordered through Amazon website. However, considering the consumption of Biotin must be administered by your physicians for safety measure as the