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Not all of us are familiar with the potentiality of nutrients and vitamins in our body. Each vitamin has its own job to perform which benefit our wellness just like Biotin. Commonly called as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H that is responsible in giving us healthy-shiny hair and strong nails, Biotin transforms the food we eat into energy by helping the metabolism to secrete amino acids and carbohydrates.

Mostly found on liver, eggs, almonds, sardines, pecans and whole grains. The lack of biotin in the body is visibly seen on weakening of nails and dryness of hair. There are various supplements available in the market to provide people convenience on getting adequate amount of biotin. However, several studies revealed that vitamins should be taken in moderate amount just enough for the body to grab the daily required nutritional value and all consumption beyond what is required can cause side effects.

Biotin is said not in definite quantity. In fact, there were counted reports only on people having deficient amount of biotin but it is important to be aware that prolong use of biotin can cause simple allergic reactions into more morbid or deadly reactions. Biotin is taken normally at 5000 mcg which is equivalent to 5mg yet, depending on the age of a person as 3 years old kid can have 10 to 20 mcg, 25 mcg for 4-6 years old while 30 mcg for age above 7. As experts say, Biotin 5000 side effects are more as allergic reactions since excess Biotin can exists in urine.

Throat or chest tightening as associated in people having cobalt allergy while taking Biotin 5000 is one of the signs of Biotin reaction and may not be taken for granted as it can lead into anaphylaxis or acute respiratory problems. Some people with sensitive skin may experience skin eruptions, itchiness of the skin and rashes but this only occurs when extended use of Biotin is consumed. There are not much recorded cases of Biotin 5000 side effects as intense case is only reported once and some are considered as mild allergies.  

As quoted in the research of University of Maryland Medical Center, consuming Biotin in high dosage is safe and isn't even a relative traces of side effects but consumers must take note that protract use of Biotin may develop into eosinophilic pleuropericardial effusion, this illness is a major pulmonary infection as a cause by Vitamin B7 where air and blood get into the pleural cavity space in the lungs.

Another study from shows that Biotin is not a recommended supplement for diabetic people as Vitamin B7 helps increase the production of fatty acids and glucose in the body. Physician's advice should first be considered so as not to overdose the amount of Vitamins.  

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Biotin 5000 side effects are all due to extended use of the supplement. A severe or minimal allergic reaction can occur only when Vitamin B7 contradicts with body's sensitivity but as debated by experts Biotin may have low occurrence of pulmonary or respiratory infections if taken properly and supervised by physician.